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Announcing the launch of the ARUCC PCCAT Transcript and Transfer Guide

The Association of Registrars of the Universities of Canada (ARUCC) and the Pan-Canadian Consortium on Admissions and Transfer (PCCAT) are pleased to announce the launch of the national ARUCC PCCAT Transcript and Transfer Guide (the “Guide”), available online at the ARUCC website.

The Guide provides registrarial and pathway practitioners and policy developers a Transcript Standards search and a Glossary search, best practice examples and resources, and numerous links to additional websites, research, and scholarly literature. Highlights include a sample transcript, suggestions for coding the transcript legend, recommendations to help you develop a student focused transfer guide, and advice and resources on how to develop a competency-based student record. A Comparison search is also available which allows you to quickly identify the similarities and differences between the ARUCC PCCAT transcript standards, the 2003 ARUCC Transcript Guide, and the 2011 AACRAO Academic Record and Transcript Guide.

For those that wish to ask questions and/or suggest refinements to the Guide, complete the online Feedback Form.

Learn more about the ARUCC PCCAT Transcript and Transfer Guide online.

Annoncent le lancement du Guide national de l’ARUCC et du CPCAT