Report Release and Project Announcement

Report Release and Project Announcement

Report release and Project Announcement 



October 20, 2014

In June 2014, the Pan-Canadian Consortium on Admissions & Transfer and the Association of Registrars of the Universities & Colleges of Canada released the phase one report for the ARUCC/PCCAT National Project Transcript Guidelines and Transfer Credit Nomenclature Study:

Increasing numbers of Canadian students are, by design and by choice, studying at multiple postsecondary institutions, optimizing their resources, educational experiences and outcomes.  At the same time, many higher education institutions are struggling to support this important migration, undermining the goal to promote student mobility.

The National Project was developed to address these challenges in a multi-phase approach.  The recommendations from the phase one report centred on foundational issues such as addressing the need for a common language and practices and the need to address the implications of relatively recent changes, including the growing prevalence of electronic student data exchange.

With the support of transfer agencies in five provinces and the Higher Education Quality Council for Ontario the phase one report provided six recommendations that will guide the second and final phase of the ARUCC PCCAT project with a focus on the following deliverables:

1)   An enhanced National Transcript Guide

2)   A National Transfer Credit Glossary;

3)   A communications plan to ensure ongoing awareness and utilization of these resources

In order to achieve each of the phase two deliverables, additional funding will be required. To date, ARUCC and PCCAT have committed to providing funds toward phase two. 

Completion of this multi-stage national project will support improved mobility of students between institutions and through different levels of education attainment, advance the research and reporting needs for stakeholders in the sector, enhance efficiencies through the creation of harmonized practices, and provide best practice advice to the postsecondary sector.

To learn more about how to support the project or a copy of the prospectus for potential funders, contact:

Rob Fleming
National Project Steering Committee 

October 20, 2014