The PCCAT 2022 Conference Program includes a morning of joint sessions as part of the final day of the ARUCC 2022 Conference. As part of this joint initiative, PCCAT attendees may take advantage of the following discounts offered as part of the joint ARUCC 2022 Conference. Note  that these discounts which refer to ARUCC 2022 Conference, are fully available to PCCAT attendees – please reference ARUCC 2022 Conference if connecting by phone/email for any of the following offers.

Air Canada has been appointed the official airline of the ARUCC 2022 Conference. As such, Air Canada is offering discounts of 5% on standard fares, 10% on flex fares and higher (North America) and 10% on standard fares and higher for international travel to/from Toronto for the ARUCC Conference in Niagara Falls. Travel is valid any day of the week during the travel period of June 10 to July 1, 2022. Travel bookings must be made on and you must input the promotion code ZF33B4P1 at time of booking to qualify for any available discounts. Certain restrictions apply.

WestJet is also offering discounted fares for travel into and out of Toronto or Hamilton for the ARUCC 2022 Conference. WestJet is offering 5% off Econo, and 10% off EconoFlex and Premium fares for travel to Toronto or Hamilton from Canadian cities. For ARUCC attendees travelling trans-border (North America), West Jet offers 2% off Econo, 5% off EconoFlex, and 10% off Premium base fares for travel to Toronto/Hamilton. Basic or Business Class fares do not qualify for additional discounts. To take advantage of the available discounts, visit and ensure you (or your travel agent) input the following applicable COUPON CODES when searching for and booking flights:

Travel between: June 10 – July 1, 2022

Coupon code: 4S4V1LR
*Guest web/Travel Agent web

Promo code: WCC54
*Travel Agent GDS only


ARUCC has partnered with Niagara AirBus to provide discounted shuttle and private exclusive car service to Niagara Falls for ARUCC 2022 Conference attendees.

The following discounted fares apply for travel between June 13 and July 1, 2022:
$125 (+HST) – ROUND TRIP SHUTTLE service between Toronto Pearson Airport and Niagara Falls
$83 (+HST) – ONE WAY SHUTTLE service between Toronto Pearson Airport and Niagara Falls

10% discount applies on PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE CAR SERVICE reservations for all AIRPORTS, including Toronto Pearson, Billy Bishop Toronto Island, and Hamilton International. Note that EXCLUSIVE CAR SERVICE has options for multiple passengers travelling together – see the website for pricing details.

For discount pricing, use the ARUCC CONFERENCE CODE 695 when booking on-line at

For phone reservations or inquiries – call 905-374-8111. Niagara AirBus also accepts email enquiries. Please reference the Conference Code 695 to receive discount pricing when communicating via phone or email.

Click here for Shuttle or Exclusive Car Service booking instructions.

Click here for information on auto confirming your pick-up (auto confirmation is available 24 hours in advance of the pick-up).

Sightseeing Tour Discounts

Niagara AirBus offers scheduled sightseeing tours in the Niagara Area, including a variety of winery tours. Please see the TOURS section of the Niagara AirBus website for details. A 15% discount applies for ARUCC attendees booking a tour using the Conference Code above.